Creative Cooking – Covid Coping – September Week 2

This week was a culinary tour of the Philippines! On the menu we had: Sananglay Na Tilapia, Hamonado, Chicken Relleno, Beef Kalderata, Ukoy, Embutido, and Tortang Giniling.

Translated, we had tilapia and vegetables wrapped in bok choy leaves; fatty pork simmered in pineapple juice and tamari; a whole chicken deboned without cutting the skin, then stuffed with ground pork, minced ham, vegetables, hard boiled eggs, and Vienna sausage; spicy beef stew thickened with liver pâté; shrimp and bean sprout fritters; tube-shaped ground pork meatloaf wrapped around hard boiled eggs and Vienna sausage; and “flat” omelettes with ground beef and vegetables. That was sure an adventure in cooking!

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