Creative Cooking – Covid Coping – September Week 1

Kentucky Derby Week! We did a tour of Kentucky Cuisine. We started with some basic fried fish, then Bourbon Wieners with Horsey Eggs and Cauliflower Cheese Chips, next was Smoky White Beans and Ham (I used bacon ends & pieces because I couldn’t find ham hocks), Kentucky Hot Brown – a favorite hot sandwich of the area, and on Derby Day we did fondue with “Little Smokies” and crudités (veg tray). We also had caviar from Seattle Caviar, and a nice bottle of Prosecco. On Sunday we had a Pizza Casserole, which was sort of like making lasagna, with mini pepperoni for a zippy and unique flavor, and finished off the week making what I call “Jumble-aya” – leftovers in the style of Jambalaya. I used up the Little Smokies, and the turkey from the Hot Browns, also the rest of the veggies from the crudités.

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