Creative Cooking – Covid Cooking – September Week 3

This week, it was Salad Week in the Kitchen! We started with my favorite: the California Cobb. Next we had Horiatiki Salata, which is the real Greek Salad. No lettuce, no heavy dressing, just olive oil and salt. Accompanying the salad was grilled lamb chops in a Croatian style. Following that, we had a classic Caesar salad straight out of my 1970s New Settlement Cookbook. I opened up a can of Wahoo — first time trying it — and fried some potatoes topped with melted Parmesan cheese to go with the salad. Day 4 was a Caprese Salad, served with marinated pork loin skewers and tzatziki sauce for the meat. For those who don’t know, the Caprese Salad represents the colors of the Italian flag: green, white and red. For lunch the next day, I took the leftovers from Day 4 and made us what I called a “pizza salad”. That evening, we had another of my favorites — Salade Niçoise. It is a “peasant” salad with the interesting ingredients of potatoes, green beans, and tuna. And lots of other tasty items. For Day 6, we had a yummy Waldorf Salad, accompanied by Aidells Chicken & Apple sausages. Perfect pairing. And for the final day, the salad we had been anticipating all week: Antipasto Salad! It was a week of colorful and wonderful eating.

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