Another Fishy Recipe

I was in my Sudoku chat room when I mentioned I would be cooking Tilapia for dinner that evening. One of the chatters said he used to have a tilapia in his fish tank. Apparently they used to be just sold as pets, but someone made the discovery that they grow really fast and are tasty, so that’s why you see them in grocery stores now. Sort of makes you look at your goldfish a little differently, doesn’t it? Anyway…
I was trying to decide how I wanted to prepare it, when I noticed a half bag of shelled sunflower seeds in a basket in the corner of the kitchen. They had to be a couple of years old, and horribly stale. Well, I popped them into the Magic Bullet and made some “flour” out of them. And lo and behold, it made for a nice crust on that fish! I imagine you could just about use any seeds as a substitute for flour. Give it a try!

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