Happy Holidays!

JillCandyCanesTwas the year of the goatee and all through the house
Not a razor was stirring while growing it out.
The stubble was trimmed on the chin with great care
In the hopes that soft whiskers soon would be there.

The kids were all happy and having some fun,
While Nick and his new wife had welcomed a son.
And Kim and Bill snuggling through cold winters’ nip
Had started to plan for our big East Coast trip.

When days of the month had flown by like a raven,
A weekend at old Salish Lodge was our haven.
Away to the mountains, no need for a map,
Tore open our luggage and took a big nap.

The Golden-eye Ducks on the river below
Gave a test to our new camera’s zoom in light low.
When what to our wonderment happened again
But another month passed, and a birthday for Kim.

With a leisurely drive down to South Whidbey Isle,
We knew at Bloom’s Wine Suite we’d stay for a while.
More rapid than needed the weekend went by
And we packed up, and grumbled, and said our goodbye.

Now Nathan, now eight months, to hospital check-in
For open heart surgery sure to protect him.
To the N.I.C.U., to the path to get well
Now heal away, heal away, healed I can tell!

As the wintertime flew like a hurricane by,
A big family train trip to Whitefish was nigh.
So we toured around town and we drove here and there
With Daniel and Leo and Evan and Claire.

And then, to the Preakness, we’re Pimlico bound,
To watch jewel two of the grand Triple Crown!
As we left Baltimore, we went on to D.C.
Down the Mall we did walk, all the sights we did see.

June was dressed in a mixture of sad things and glad.
Kim was now unemployed, but Daniel’s a grad!
A bundle of toys in July was our joy
As we partied with Nathan, the one-year-old boy.

The stars—how they twinkle in August most years!
We camped in the rain, but we still had some cheer
For our twenty-three years of marital bliss,
And with Bill’s beard grown in, we enjoyed a nice kiss.

Work is done on the pipes that hook up to the spa!
To the steam and the bubbles we shout our hurrahs!
At Bill’s class reunion we had a great time,
At resort Semiahmoo–a weekend sublime.

For Bill’s birthday, to Vegas, a jolly old town
Where we laughed when we saw Penn & Teller, renown
Seeing Donny & Marie again was a treat
(And this time, Marie we got to meet!)

We drove on towards Phoenix, Sedona beguiled.
Then to Turf Paradise, where Kim went as a child.
We’re laying our plans to return there one day,
But giving a nod, on the plane—on our way.

Bill’s planning retirement two years from now,
Kim’s helping to start a new charity—wow!
We’re sending our blessings to all you hold dear—
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a Good Year!

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