Pet Peeves


It seems like the newest trend in American language butchering is to answer a question with “So”.  I hear this all the time when I’m listening to interview programs on television.  The interviewer might ask, “Can you tell us more about how your widget works?”  The widget creator will invariably answer, “So, you put the gadget into the gizmo, and the widget starts right up.”  Why do you need “So”?  Every question about the widget gets answered with “So”.  It is SO annoying!

Before I get off my soap box (or out of the box in the picture), there’s a phrase that bothers me to no end every time I hear it.  “There’s No Place Like This Place Any Place.”  Then this place doesn’t exist!  Am I right?  Just add “else” to the end of the sentence people.  Then it makes sense (if it was even intended to make sense.)

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